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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the latest technology in marketing for the promotion and brand building of the company. The strategies used in digital marketing helps to engage and convert the target audience into the real-time audience. The target audience of the companies gets to be treated as the monetary client of the same company. Every company has its own definition of work and objectives to fulfil in future and our marketing team helps them to achieve the same by using the best strategies at multiple levels and channels.
Digital marketing strategies work on 4 different principles and they are the right message, right people, right channel and the last right time. Our digital marketing specialists work on all these principles to achieve the target of the client.
The result of any strategies and planning depends on ROI. The ROI in terms of digital marketing is to target larger percent of the audience and get the best leads. In order to bring the maximum ROI, our team of digital marketing follows the 360 approach which starts from research and planning which continues to ongoing optimization.
Digital marketing is not just one but a combination of different strategies.


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or popularly known as SEO is the most important strategy of digital marketing services. Our content for the SEO is firstly designed for the people and later for the search engines. The research and the planning for strong SEO are firstly specially designed by our digital marketing as per the requirement of the client and then the work on the same starts. We never work to finish the task early, but we work for the quality.
The major phenomenon of SEO is keyword targeting but as per the current scenario, it has completely changed. We work according to the status of the company and search authority it deserves. We work with the relevant keywords and content so that business gets connected to the people who are interested in the same.
At Rubykraft, digital marketing specialists follow the combination of On-site optimization and off-page initiatives with all the terms and conditions of Google and other search engines. SEO is all about guesswork but we never ever follow the same, we work on our tested and tried methods to bring the best result out of them all.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is both like and unlike SEO. In both the strategies of digital marketing services target keywords and target audience are very important. They are unlike because SEO uses the unpaid form of targeting the audience whereas SEM is the paid form of marketing. In this regards, the team at Rubykraft works with a specific approach where the work starts with the identification of the business goals. The work under the strategies of SEM starts with the scratch which includes extensive auditing of the existing account and other details.
The target audience in case of SEM is those who are ready to invest in the company or who wish to learn more about the company. Keeping this in mind, the team works with an aim to show the right advertisement at the right time so that it attracts the right traffic and increases the chances of conversion.
The SEM is not a one-time process so the team provides with the constant monitoring and optimization of the account so that it runs healthy on all the platforms. SEM is all about the data and giving the best creative and digestible look to all the data so that the core audience respond is the complete responsibility of our team.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing or SMM is the form of digital marketing services which involves the social media platforms. In today's generation, the social media platform is the best place to interact and engage with new and different types of personnel. In the case of business promotion, social media helps to engage with the people who are important to the business. Such people are considered to be the core audience for the business.
The digital marketing team of Rubykraft works with different brands and business across the world and creates dynamic campaigns which help to connect with the correct people, on the correct platform and at the right time.
Social media platforms include different social communities, social groups and implementation of large-scale campaigns which helps in the marketing of the business. Our digital marketing team gets partnered with many B2B and B2C companies in connection with the type of industry to create brand awareness which attracts qualified leads and helps in the conversion for the business. We work in the combination of audience insight and data, giving it a creative touch to target the core audience. We use the best-targeted forms to represent the company on social media in the right way.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most personalized strategy in digital marketing services. In this strategy, the core audience is very specifically targeted and the required information is transferred to them which makes them happy and interested. The marketing lifecycle process includes careful audience segmentation. If the audience of the particular business is strategically segmented then they receive the most relevant and targeted pieces of information. Email marketing requires a very strategic plan so it starts from the very source. Our team of digital marketing in Rubykraft designs the same with utmost care for which they identify the audience from in and out.
It is not easy to provide the target information to the target audience until and unless we know about the type and requirement of the audience. In this regards, our team designs a particular form to capture all the information from the audience which is required for the segmentation of the audience. Once the audience is segmented, the goal and objective of the business are recognized and on the basis of the same, the structuring of the email is done. The work of the team does not end here, we define the target landing page which can be clicked through the email.


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